We tell compelling and resonant stories through opera, performed in spaces where audiences are in close contact with the power of the human voice. 


We provide singers with opportunities for artistic growth and development of entrepreneurial skills by engaging these emerging artists in the operation and management of the company.



We tell stories through compelling music-theater experiences that raise questions, create joy, promote dialogue, build community, and encourage audiences to think about what it means to be human.


We strive to make our work:


We focus on presenting old stories and new works in fresh ways.


We welcome both opera fans and neophytes with engaging performances and warm hospitality.


We enable audiences to not only hear the singers’ voices but to see their eyes and faces too.


We work with other companies, disciplines, organizations and audiences to build a stronger, sustainable community of opera performers and opera lovers.


We provide opportunities for our artists to develop performance and entrepreneurial skills.


We create more opera in more places for more people.

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Boston Opera Collaborative offers fresh opera experiences that put our audiences in close contact with the power of the human voice. Our year-round performance calendar features Boston’s brightest young talent in energetic and intimate productions of repertoire ranging from canon favorites to Boston premieres. We bring opera into unexpected places and find new ways to tell familiar stories, inviting the uninitiated to see their first opera and welcoming the lifetime fan to engage with our unique brand of music theater.

Boston Opera Collaborative’s roster artists come to us from the nation’s top conservatories, making Boston their home as they pursue the next stage of their careers. BOC provides performance and outreach opportunities, continuing education and professional development resources. We also provide opportunities for singers and others interested in arts administration to serve in an administrative capacity in one of our operational departments, from Production to Development, Marketing to Finance. Through this business model, they gain valuable hands-on experience in administrative skills that support their future careers in the arts.

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Boston Opera Collaborative, 

PO Box 301622, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

info@bostonoperacollaborative.org   (617) 517-5883